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  • Landing

    Single-page site, visiting card for your business or event. The main goal is the fulfillment by the visitor of a specific (target) action.

    from 1499$

  • Corporate website

    Internet-representation for your company in Web. Contain information about your business, services and goods, gives possibility to find new partners.

    from 4 499$

  • Online store

    Tool for effective online-sales at the fastest growing market - Internet. Contain goods catalogue, cart, search, integration with price-aggregators and any additional functional depends on your business needs.

    from 6 999$

  • Portal

    Offbeat site development, combining various functional and services to achieve your goals. It can be news portal, job portal, real estate portal, etc.

    from 9 999$

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Who we are

Mirage — is a team of highly skilled developers. We love building custom-designed websites that meet your business expectations, no matter, if this is single-page website or high loaded e-commerce project.

Web technologies is not just our profession, it's our passion, that's why we are always opened for new experience, which can make your project better. Connect to us to get started…